Publications & Articles

The following is a list of publications and articles written by Philip Marcus:

Position Paper: on the Arrangements for Settlement of Family Disputes Bill, 5774-2014
To the Minister of Justice and the Chairman of the Constitution, Law and Legislation Committee of the Knesset, August 2014

Paper: International Surrogacy and Same Sex Partners: The Israeli Approach
Published in International Bar Association Family Law News, Volume 7 Number 1, July 2014

Position Paper: on Report of the Committee to Review the Policy of the Ministry on Removal of Children to Residential Care and on Visitation (The Silman Report)
To the Minister and the Director General, Ministry of Welfare and Social Services, July 2014

Paper: A Medical, Legal and Halachic Guide to Determining Capacity to Make a Will or a Gift (together with Dr. Eliezer Perl)
June 2014 For publication (in Hebrew) in Assia, Journal of Jewish Medical Ethics and Halacha, Jerusalem, September 2014 (estimated)  English translation to be published January 2015 (estimated)

Article: Why the Father’s Protest is Misguided
Op Ed piece published in the Jerusalem Post, March 3, 2014

Book Chapter: Child Abuse in Israel: Legislation and Court Practice
in Child and Domestic Abuse by Daniel Eidensohn & Baruch Shulem,
Emunah Press, Jerusalem – New York, 2010 – click here for PDF version

Thesis (for Master’s Degree in Law): Hohfeld Without Rights
Haifa University, 2007 – click here for full Thesis & Abstract in English

Article: Protection of Children Testifying in Court by Advanced Technology
Lawyer Information – Journal of the Israel Bar Association Central Committee, 1990

Memorandum: Israeli Law compliance with Articles 9, 12, 21, 23 of the Draft Convention on the Rights of the Child
Avi – Defence for Children International, Israel Branch, 1989

Article: Statutory Protection of Children and their Carers from Identification in the Press
Lawyer Information – Journal of the Israel Bar Association Central Committee, 1989

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