Israel & Jewry

Philip Marcus moved to live in Israel with his family in 1978 because of a strong commitment to the Jewish people and the Torah. In his professional life he has emphasized the necessity to build up the rule of law and justice in Israel, as well as the moral strength of Jews all over the world. His family –  seven children and many grandchildren – all live in Israel.

His areas of concern include the cynical abuse of doctrines of human rights to attack and denigrate Israel and its people, and the activities of politically motivated and foreign-funded lobbies to convey a distorted picture of Israel and its inhabitants.

Philip Marcus has given lectures on the Israeli legal system and organised and led tours of Israel for trainee judges from France’s Judicial Training College. He was on the Steering Committee for an International Seminar for Judges in August 2013 entitled: “The Battle against Trafficking in Human Beings in View of the Judicial System“, organised by Mashav in cooperation with Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, International Organization for Migration, Institute of Advanced Judicial Studies, Israel’s Ministry of Justice.

Philip has commented on the BDS campaign and responded to allegations of apartheid in Israel. Click here to read his letter to an Irish academic written in April 2013 following a resolution by Irish teachers to boycott Israeli academics. Following Operation ‘Protective Edge’ in July 2014, he wrote a letter responding to criticism of Israel – read it here.

Philip recommends the following websites for interesting articles about Israel and the Jewish World: