Philip Marcus teaches the following courses:

Lecture Series: Professional Ethics and Legal Aspects of Therapy
For Marriage Therapists, Educational Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Counsellors for Adolescents – Courses in Hebrew and English at the YaNaR Centre for Rabbinical Counselling, Jerusalem and Bnei Brak (since 2012, ongoing)

Lecture Series: Central Issues in Family Law in Israel
Part of training course for Family Therapists, Shinui Institute, The Israel Institute for Family and Personal Change, Glil Yam (since 2012, ongoing)

Social Enquiry Reports and Expert Opinions; Professional Ethics; Arbitration and Dispute Resolution
Training Courses for Marriage and Family Therapists,  Integrative Psychotherapy, Halachic Arbitrators, Yanar Association for Rabbinical Marriage Counsellors in Israel, Jerusalem and Givat Shmuel, February-September 2013

The Work of the Designated Social Worker under the Welfare (Procedure in Matters of Minors) Law
Part of training course for designated social workers, Central School for Social Workers, Ministry of Welfare, Tel Aviv, September – October 2012

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