Lectures on Law & Families

Philip Marcus lectures widely in Israel and at international conferences on issues relating to Law & Families and models for Family Courts. He also participates in and chairs panel discussions on these topics.

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Recent lectures and papers:

Lecture in London: The Israeli Family Court: Achievements, Challenges and Comparisons with England & Wales
Philip addressed the United Kingdom Association of Jewish Lawyers & Jurists in London in July 2017.

Lecture: New Families: Normative and Functional Principles
Conference on Culture, Dispute Resolution and the Modernised Family,
The International Centre for Family Law, Policy and Practice, London, July 2016

Workshop: Family Court Social Services in the Eyes of the Clients
Philip Marcus led a workshop on this topic with Dr Anat Inbar and Dr Tali Bayer-Topilsky
at the AFCC 53rd Annual Conference in Seattle, USA, in June 2016. You can download the Workshop Abstract and the Evaluation Study of Family Court Services.

Moderator of Sessions on “Domestic Violence in Israeli and US Courts”, “Domestic Violence and Legal Ramifications” at 2nd International Conference,“Shedding Light on the Darkness of Abuse”, Tahel Crisis Center for Religious Women and Children, Jerusalem, December 2015

Lecture: The Justice System in Israel and the Family Court
International Course on Protection of Children: Psycho-Social Support and Well-Being, Mashav
Haifa, November 2015

The Israeli System for Appointment of Judges and Judicial Discipline
The Israeli System for Evaluating Suitability of Candidates for Judicial Office
Israeli Family Court Judges – Qualifications
For Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System, October 2015

Lecture: The Israeli Family Court, Judicial and Therapeutic
International Academy for Judges. University of Haifa, July 2015

Workshop: One Family, One (Specialist) Judge
with Advocate Joel Yaacov Katzin, AFCC Conference, New Orleans LA, 2015

Lecture: Israeli Law and Court Practice in Cases of Violence against Women and Children
International Workshop on Violence against Women and Children, Mashav Haifa, February 2015

Panelist: Representation for Children in Custody and Visitation Proceedings
Israel Bar Association Family Law Conference (with participation of International Association of Matrimonial Lawyers), Eilat, January 2015

Lecture: Israeli Law and Court Practice in Cases of Violence against Women and Children
International Workshop on Violence against Women and Children, Mashav Haifa, July 2014

Workshop (with Dr Daniel Gottlieb): Collaboration and Due Process: The Court, the Expert and the Needs of the Child – AFCC Conference, Toronto, May 2014

Panelist: Discussion on Removal of Children to Residential Care – Policy and Actuality
Plenum, National Conference on Power of Spirit, Growth of Vision, Depth of Activity: Achievements and Challenges, Child and Youth Service, Ministry of Welfare and Social Services.
Jerusalem, March 2014

Lecture: On Gratitude
Herzl Institute, Jerusalem, March 2014

Chairman: Lecture by Ms Miriam Doskis, The Challenge of Adoption from a Professional Perspective, Conference of Atem Nefesh Israel, Jerusalem, January 2014

Lecture: Adapting the Hague Conventions to the Paradigm of Parental Responsibilities
International Society for Family Law Regional Conference, Hod HaSharon, January 2014

Invited Speaker: Debate on Parents and Their Children Bill
Joint meeting of Children’s Rights Committee and Committee for Advancing the Status of Women, the Knesset, on the proposed abolition of the tender years presumption.
Jerusalem, December 2013

Keynote Speaker: Allegations of Child Abuse – A View from the Bench and the Role of the Therapist
Graduation Awards Ceremony for recipients of post-graduate certificates in Counseling and Family Therapy, and Family Based Child Therapy [Click here for video introduction]
The Family Institute, Neve Yerushalayim, Jerusalem, December 2013

Participant: Round Table discussion on Child Participation in Family Crises and Court Proceedings, in International Retreat: Promoting the Participation Right of Children across the Globe: From Social Exclusion to Child-Inclusive Policies.
Haifa University, October 2013

Position Paper on the Proposal for a Law of Parents and Children 5772-2012; delivered to the Minister of Justice, September 2013

The Israel Family Court: Judicial Powers and Therapeutic Interventions
Published in International Bar Association Family Law Newsletter, September 2013

Participant: International Seminar for Judges: The Battle against Trafficking in Human Beings in View of the Judicial System
Mashav, in cooperation with Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, International Organization for Migration, Institute of Advanced Judicial Studies, Israel’s Ministry of Justice, Haifa, August 2013

Paper: Why Appeal Courts and International Courts Get It Wrong in Hague Convention and Relocation Cases
Second International Family Law and Practice Conference, London Metropolitan University, London, England, July 2013 – click here for abstract  or click here for full paper

Paper: Parental Responsibilities: Formulating the New Paradigm for Parent-Child Relationships Translated and adapted from “The Future of the Family Court; New Paradigms, Statutory Amendments and More”, published in Hebrew, January 2013. Click here for Hebrew.

Lecture: Israeli Law and Court Practice in Cases of Violence against Women and Children
International Workshop on Violence against Women and Children, organised by Mashav in cooperation with the International Organization for Migration, Haifa, June 2013

Lecture : What went Wrong with Rights?
Machon Shalem, Institute of Advanced Studies, Jerusalem. May 2013

Paper and Presentation: Towards a Convention on Responsibilities and Obligations to the Child    Click here to download the paper.
World Congress on Family Law and Children’s Rights, Sydney,  NSW, Australia, March 2013

Lecture: Abuse and Neglect of Children in the Eyes of the Law
Qualification Course for Pediatricians on Minors at Risk, Department for Treatment of Family Violence and Sexual Abuse,  Ministry of Health, with The Haruv Institute, Tel Aviv, January 2013

Lecture: Sexual Abuse of Children – The Legal Aspects
Seminar for Haredi Therapists on Treatment of Child Abuse, City of Bnei Brak Social Services Branch, Professional Training Unit, with The Haruv Institute, Bnei Brak, October 2012

Lecture: Israeli Law and Court Practice in Cases of Violence against Women and Children
International Workshop on Violence against Women and Children,  Mashav, Haifa, October 2012

Paper and Panel Presentation: Children’s Dispute Resolution – The Israeli Experience – click here for paper (PDF)
Paper and Panel Presentation: Effective Child Protection – The Israeli Approach to Protecting Vulnerable Children: Integrating Judicial and Social Work Perspectives  – click here for paper (PDF)
Moderator of Panel: A Paradigm Shift from Custody, Care and Control to Parental Responsibility
Children’s Issues Forum,  Hong Kong, August 2012

Lecture: Juridogenic Damage to Children and Ways to Limit It – Audio Recording
A lecture delivered by Dr. Daniel S. Gottlieb and Judge (rtd) Philip Marcus  at the AFCC Conference Chicago in 2012. For the audio recording click here, and for a copy of the handout click here.

Attendance: International Family Justice Judicial Conference
Hong Kong, August 2012

Workshop: Juridogenic Damage to Children and Ways to Limit It (with Dr Daniel Gottlieb),
Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, Chicago, IL, USA, June 2012

Lecture: Surrogate Mothers Outside Israel: Issues and Concerns for the Family Court
part of Panel on the Battle against Trafficking for Surrogacy in International Workshop on Profiles of Trafficking Patterns, Populations and Policies, Mashav in cooperation with Israel’s Ministry of Justice, Public Affairs Office of the US Embassy, Tel Aviv (with participation of Officer in Charge, Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling Section, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime), Haifa, May 2012

Lecture: You Have No Rights
in Jurisprudence Seminar for Judges, Institute of Advanced Judicial Studies, Neve Ilan, May 2012

Lecture: Israeli Law and Court Practice in Cases of Violence against Women and Children
International Workshop on Violence against Women and Children, Mashav in cooperation with IOM International Organization for Migration, Haifa, September 2011

Seminar for Judges in Lusaka, Zambia: Violence against Women (with Dr Hanita Zimrin) (5 days), Mashav – Department for International Cooperation, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with Gender in Development Division, Cabinet Office, Lusaka, Zambia, 2010

Workshop: High Conflict Families and Alienation: Judicial and Therapeutic Collaboration in the Israeli Family Court (with Sue Lehmann)
Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, Denver CO USA, 2010

Lecture: (by DVD): The Child’s Voice in the Israeli Family Court
in Family Law- The Voice of the Child, Seminar, The Law Society of Upper Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2010

Lecture: We Have Duties to Children: But Do They Need Rights? click here for paper (PDF)
Plenary: Children’s Voices: a Judicial Perspective
World Congress on Children’s Law and Human Rights, Halifax, NS, Canada, 2009

Workshop: Ethical Dilemmas in Working with High Conflict Families
(with Dianna Gould-Saltman and Lyn Greenberg)
Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC), Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2008

Moot Judge: “State of Israel v. Eytan” – Rape or Sexual Harassment or Consensual Relations?
School for Clinical Justice Education, Faculty of Laws, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, with Beit HaTsabarit and The Experimental School, Jerusalem, 2008

Lecture: Prenuptial Agreements and Divorce Agreements
in Seminar: Marital Agreements and Divorce Agreements at the Crossroads, The Ruth and Emanuel Rackman Center for the Advancement of the Status of Women, Bar Ilan University, 2008

Lecture: Coping with the Phenomenon of Contact Refusal in the Family Court
Rabbinical Courts Administration Social Services Seminar, Jerusalem, 2007

Moot Judge: Trial relating to the Enforceability of Pre-Nuptial Agreements
Matan – The Sadie Rennert Women’s Institute for Torah Studies, Jerusalem, 2005

Lecture: The Role of the Lawyer in Maintenance Claims
Annual Seminar of Legal Aid Lawyers, Jerusalem, 2005

Lecture: The Use of Welfare Officers and Social Services by the Family Court and the Rabbinical Court
Conference of Nefesh, Association of Jewish Psychologists and Social Workers, Jerusalem, 2005

Lecture: Seven Years of the Family Court: Looking Back and Looking Forward
Israel Bar Association, Jerusalem Branch, 2003

Lecture: The New Family Court in Israel: One Family, One Judge and Other Innovations
The Society for Advanced Legal Studies, London, 2000

Panel: The Contribution of the Welfare Officer’s Report to the Decision Making Process in the Courts
Seminar, Jerusalem (North) Family and Marriage Counselling and Treatment Centre, Jerusalem, 1999

Lecture: Violence in the Family
Immediate Medical Treatment Clinic, Terem, Jerusalem, 1997

Lecture: The Educational Role of the Family Court
First International Conference on Jewish Adult Education, Maale HaHamisha, 1997

Lecture: Caution: Experts Ahead
Saint Vincent Symposia on Trends in Ethics, Legislation and Health Care – Judicial Services and Health Care in the Protection of Children’s Rights, St Vincent, Italy, 1994

Lecture: The Difficulties and Dilemmas of the Role of Guardian ad Litem
Seminar: Proposals for Child Representation Project, National Council for the Protection of the Child, Tel Aviv, 1992

Lecture: Recent Legislative Changes in Israel – Non-Governmental Initiatives, Achievements and Proposals
in Finland-Israel BiNational Conference on The Situation of Young Children in Modern Families in Israel and Finland: Current Issues for Research and Social Policy, Ministry of Science and Technology, Jerusalem, 1992

Lecture: The Child’s Story Before the Court – An International Perspective
Moot : Child Protection in the Juvenile Court

Child Protection: A Challenge for Society, First International Symposium in Israel, Jerusalem, 1991

Lecture: Protection of the Defenseless – Statutory Changes
Mental Health Centre, Child and Family Treatment Clinic, Ministry of Health, Jerusalem, 1991

Panel: The Role of the Family Lawyer
in Seminar for Welfare Officers under the Youth (Protection) Law on Procedures for Traumatic Events, Ministry of Labour and Welfare, Maale HaHamisha, 1991

Lecture: The Law and Special Education
in Seminar – All Our Children (Inclusionary Education), Gan Harmony, Early Integrative Program for Infants and Children with Committee for Children with Special Needs, National Council for Children and Youth, Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem, 1990