Parental Alienation

Philip Marcus is actively engaged in developing programmes for the prevention of the failure of contact between children whose parents are separated and divorced and one of the parents. This includes the topics of contact failure, contact refusal and parental alienation.

Addressing Parental Alienation & Contact Failure

Philip Marcus gave a popular and constructive presentation at Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) Annual Conference in Washington D.C. in June 2018 on the subject of contact failure and parental alienation. The theme of the 55th Annual Conference was “Compassionate Family Court Systems: The Role of Trauma-Informed Jurisprudence”.

Together with Tirtsa Joels PhD from the University of Haifa Center for the Study of Child Development, Judge Marcus presented a workshop on “Preventing Contact Failure & Alienation: A Multi-Disciplinary Program”.
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This workshop described how teachers, physicians and social workers can identify the first signs that a child may be distressed by parental conflict and may resist contact with one of the parents. Children at risk, maladaptive gatekeeping behaviors, and parents who are liable to use them, can be identified so that the family can be referred to appropriate counseling and treatment. Lawyers and judges should  be educated about the need for early and forceful intervention at the first signs of possible contact failure.

In 2019, Philip published an article on “Parental Alienation, Contact Refusal and Maladaptive Gatekeeping: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Prevention of Contact Failure” as a chapter in “Family Law and Family Realities”, 16th ISFL World Conference Book,  C. Rogerson, M. Antokolskaia, J. Miles, P. Parkinson, M. Vonk (eds.) (2019, The Hague, Eleven International Publishing) pp.349-366. Click here to read the article.

Advisory Role

Philip Marcus has been invited to join the Advisory Board of Simply Parent – a U.S.-based non-profit organization focused on ending parental alienation. Their goal is to educate society on the issue of parental alienation.

Philip Marcus is also member of the advisory board of Yeladim Lifnei HaKol – Children Come First – an Israeli non-profit organization founded with the goal of supporting children and families undergoing divorce and beyond, as they adjust to their new families (including blended families). They are setting up conferences and study days for legal professionals, and organizes counselling and intervention for parents and children undergoing divorce. Their goal is to improve public awareness of parental alienation and encourage primary and secondary intervention. Philip is writing workbooks for different educational and medical professionals across the Israeli social spectrum, to help them spot the signs and raise the issue with parents and other professionals.

Philip is also a member of Parental Alienation Study Group (PASG) – an international non-profit corporation focused on educating the general public, mental health clinicians, and others.