Legal Issues

Philip Marcus is interested in and lectures on a wide range of issues concerning law and the family, including:

  • Parent-child relationships;
  • Violence and abuse in the family (physical, sexual, emotional etc.);
  • Child protection and protection of the vulnerable;
  • Surrogacy;
  • Trafficking;
  • Family dispute resolution (before and after institution of court proceedings).
  • Formation, structure, jurisdiction and running of family and juvenile courts – legislation, procedure regulations and practice;
  • Judicial selection and training for family and juvenile courts;
  • Involvement of social services in the work of the family court, and the family court as a judicial and therapeutic institution;
  • Involvement of the child when proceedings are pending before the court (the voice of the child);
  • The interface between law, psychology, psychiatry, neurology, pediatrics, gerontology, social work, and other disciplines and encouragement of interdisciplinary studies and work;
  • Defects of rights-based discourse, and advancement of discourse based on responsibilities, duties and obligations.

Philip participates in professional online discussion forums on many of these issues. Click here to read his contributions.