Therapists and Confidentiality

Philip Marcus was invited to speak at the Get Help Israel Clinicians’ Essentials Seminar and Jerusalem Regional Networking Event for Mental Health Professionals on May 5, 2019.

Philip Marcus at the Get Help Israel Jerusalem Seminar

As part of the GHI Seminar entitled: “Everything You Need to Know But Don’t… How to Work (Within) the System in Israel”, Philip spoke about “Confidentiality and its Limitations” .

He explained how the promise of confidentiality between therapist and client is essential for a successful professional relationship. However, confidentiality is not absolute, and sometimes the therapist must inform others about the therapy and its content. He explained the limits of confidentiality and how to frame the therapeutic contract to take account of this. He distributed a sample Confidentiality Agreement for therapists to use.

At the same Seminar, Tova  Schenkolewski from the Jerusalem division of the Revacha (welfare department) spoke about how and when to report abuse or neglect. Batya Leidner, the senior director of housing services in the Ministry of Health Mental Health services Rehabilitation department, explained the government benefits and services that are available for people with mental illness, and the process for receiving those benefits.

The Get Help Israel event was attended by 80 mental health professionals, who appreciated the experience and advice of seasoned professionals from the Israeli judicial and welfare systems. Get Help Israel, run by Tanya Prochko, MEd, MFT, is an educational resource, networking and support group for English-speaking mental health and educational therapy professionals in Israel, with a website and directory designed to help people find suitable therapists.